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State Chairman:

Ron Tucker
Email: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=QDVIB394Szt5F00sZh5eSVtJTHFiSDE-3D_664>
Phone: (225) 241-5925


Peter Vidrine
Email: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=YjNIF25TbRl2MlECLjFQCnFiSDE-3D_664>
Phone: (337) 654-6477

Secretary / CenLa Coordinator:

Patricia Adams
Email: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=YhdYE3FgbgppG3svYXxcCFVxYkgx_664>


Randy Fontenot
Email: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=YDdSFmVTfChXMGQlbzxLAlZJVUooKGZxYkgx_664>

CenLa Assisant Coordinator:

Dotti Rostawicki
Email: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=djlIBnVBbgppG3svYXxcCFVxYkgx_664>

Mailing Address:

Consitution Party of Louisiana
143 N 4th St.
Eunice, LA 70535



Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

-John Adams

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